KTCEA Outreach School

Outreach is a full-time school program for KTCEA students currently not attending school or those who wish to complete or upgrade high school courses in an alternate setting (grades 7-12/ages 12 to 21).

Outreach offers flexible programs, individual learning paths and student support for students in all KTCEA communities.


Locations: Whitefish Lake First Nation #459 (Youth Centre Building) and Loon River First Nation (LRC building), and online.

Principal: Joseph Kavanagh

Outreach School (Loon River Location) Phone: (780) 647-0697 (ext. 3853)

Goals of KTCEA Outreach

  • Provide an alternative for students who may not be achieving in their community school.
  • Enable students to upgrade courses to meet post-secondary goals. Outreach serves students from each KTCEA community and offers flexible programs, individual learning paths and student supports
  • Improve high school completion and graduation rates in our communities.
  • Ensure learning is cultural relevant and reflects the values of our communities.
  • Establish community partnerships to broaden opportunities for students.


For more information:

Location: Whitefish Lake First Nation
Phone: (780) 316-9119
Email: View all schools